Advisory Services 

Assisting corporate entities and consumer brands who wish to enter the space, offering a carefully managed approach to the industry.

Commercial Strategy

Advising and creating commercial concepts for clients to build multiple revenues streams.

IP Creation

Creating original broadcast formats for TV and digital channels, such as entertainment shows and documentaries. We have production partnerships with both entertainment and sports production companies.

Talent Access

We have a vast network of esports, entertainment, influencer, and sports talent at our disposal.

Event Management

We work with a range of third-party event managers to set up and operate online and offline events. In addition, we have a portfolio of venues available to host various types of esports events.

We create event formats for clients enabling them to manage both venue and commercial expectations.

We have access to a range of parties who can assist in creating specific content for social channels to engage with the gaming audience.

Established working relationships with some of the largest distribution platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Twitch, and traditional broadcast networks.

Financing / M&A

Utilising our investment network enables us to introduce potential financing to teams and rights owners, along with presenting acquisition opportunities to investors. Working with the best of breed partners, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions for clients.

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Devil Child has established a venture with experienced music creators, publishers, and a royalty tracking and collection firm to present, eSports Tunes, a music production, and royalties collections venture for esports assets.

Enabling esports talent, teams and brands to have their own “theme” music, created and distributed across all their own platforms and third parties, with eSport Tunes tracking the commercial exploitation areas of the music, which can deliver recurring royalty income to the esports asset.

Music can be utilised through channels like live esports tournaments, broadcasts, narrative and editorial content. Esports branded music also often performs well on streaming services and could become a significant revenue stream for esports teams, influencers, personalities, and game developers who own stakes in the tracks’ master rights.