Devil Child Management is an esports management and advisory firm based in London catering for the growing esports universe. The esports marketplace is a fast evolving world, offering many exciting opportunities.

Strategy, Marketing, M&A

We assist teams, rights owners, sports franchises, financiers and international brands to navigate the landscape. Advising on strategy, marketing, and M&A opportunities in this space.

Some of our services…

IP Creation

Creating original broadcast formats for TV and digital channels, such as entertainment shows and documentaries.

We have production partnerships with both entertainment and sports production companies.

Advisory Services & Commercial Strategy

Assisting corporate entities and consumer brands who wish to enter the space, offering a carefully managed approach to the industry. Advising and creating commercial concepts for clients to build multiple revenues streams.


Content Creation & Distribution

We have access to a range of parties who can assist in creating specific content for social channels to engage with the gaming audience. Established working relationships with some of the largest distribution platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Twitch, and traditional broadcast networks.


Music & esports

Devil Child has established a venture with experienced music creators, publishers, and a royalty tracking and collection firm to present, eSports Tunes, a music production and royalties collections venture for esports assets.

About eSports Tunes






About the Founder

Founded in 2016 by Pat Nelson, an experienced media executive, talent manager and former investment banker…